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Youtube Channelís New Video Book Talk Series Discusses Undiscovered Amazon Books



Good news for those who love and purchase Amazon books.A new Video Book Talk (VBT) series has recently been created on Charm Bakerís Youtube channel [Complete details available here].The purpose is to discuss and promote undiscovered Amazon books and authors.Many self-published authors like Charm, have Amazon books that could truly use more visibility.Primarily, that spells book reviews, however, getting book reviews requires getting super creative about book marketing and promotional activities.Thatís where Video Book Talk comes in.Itís no secret that a great deal of the reading and entertainment that people enjoy these days, is consumed via audio and/or video format.VBT will provide interesting video discussions about little-reviewed Amazon books, and authors who are going unnoticed in the Amazon marketplace.



Getting Amazon book reviews is one of the biggest challenges to a self-published author.Several years ago, tons of authors were caught using unethical means to secure fake, fraudulent, and dishonest book reviews.Amazon took some very drastic means to try and eliminate the problem.The steps they took may have helped on some level, but in some ways, the new rules are even restrictive about how genuine reviews are processed.†† This only adds to the challenge of getting Amazon book reviews.


In the self-publishing world, Amazon book reviews are highly coveted among authors.Generally speaking, securing these precious reviews is no easy task for a self-published author (I speak from experience).Getting readers to provide feedback is difficult.Even when you specifically ask during your book marketing and promotional activities.Oddly enough, in most cases, getting people to buy your book is easier than getting them to review it.With more than one novel currently on the market, and multiple non-fiction ebooks available on Amazon, Iíve sold numerous titles over the past few years.But a quick look at my Amazon Author page will reveal that very few book reviews have been written for my books.The reality is, the lack of reviews is the main reason I created the Video Book Talk channel.


Letís Talk Books

The Video Book Talk (VBT) mission statement and catch phrase slogan is ďLetís talk books.ĒThis is a fitting statement because the brief little sentence sums up exactly what the new Youtube video series is all about; book talk.The format for the channel includes more than just the ongoing numbered book discussions about specific new books and their authors.VBT will also include various video talks about topics related to books, authors, and the entire self-publishing process.


      If youíre an author, you will benefit from viewing self-publishing related videos and ALSO by submitting your own books for discussion.


      If youíre an avid reader (or even just a marginal reader), you will get the benefit of receiving firsthand information from authors about new and upcoming titles, PLUS free gifted books and special bargains.


Keep Pushing VBT

Another catchy phrase you will start to see associated with the new Youtube channel is ďKeep Pushing VBT.ĒThis particular phrase will serve as a reminder at the end of the videos, as well as at the end of any related discussions about VBT.In order for this new platform for authors and readers to grow, every viewer will be encouraged to spread the news whenever they get a chance.

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