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I’m currently a Writer on the Medium platform, and the Editor for the following Publications:






I cover all kinds of topics and write diverse stories about:

Personal, serious, and emotional topics that are often hard to talk about, in addition to all the writing related tips and article topics. You can always enjoy a combination of thought provoking views and first-hand experiences. Some discuss problems and issues, with first manuscript and book writing activities. Get a birds-eye-view about the entire book writing process before, during, and after a book is published.


·      Cries for President Trump’s Impeachment: The Number One Reason Why Trump Should NOT Be Impeached!

No one is above the law so, let Donald Trump lose the 2020 election so he can take his ass to jail.


·      Enlighten Me with Wisdom (POEM)

How do we stop constantly riding the up and down roller coaster of love?


·      Your “Truth” is Never Just Yours Alone

Should writers and authors ever throw ethics out the window, just so they can share their truth?


·      The Love of My Life is Dead and Gone but it was Definitely No Ordinary Love

Love and romance can create powerful feelings and put you in some crazy situations.


·      How I Learned to Move On After Losing the Same Love Twice

Love and grief go hand-in-hand when divorce and death are part of the equation.


·      Toxic Friends Can Affect Productivity if You’re a Freelancer or Entrepreneur

Resisting the charm of a toxic friend might require putting them out of your life.


·      10 Self-defeating Attitudes to Avoid at All Costs

Negative attitudes to avoid and how to counteract them


·      Resisting the Urge to Give Up On Your Dreams and Goals in Life

You can’t succeed if you don’t keep going.


·      How to Worry LESS About the Problems in Life and Do MORE to Make Yourself Happy

When I look at the photo of the statue called the “Thinker,” it makes me wonder what was really on the thinker’s mind. I never bothered to…


·      Thanks to My Love of Writing I No Longer Bully Myself

When you write and motivate others, you should also be motivating yourself.


·      How Writing Became a Creative Healing Strategy for One Former Victim of Abuse

I found true emotional healing after years of journal writing and purging myself through fiction.


·      Is it Wrong to Murder Characters in My Novel When They’re Based on Someone from My Past?

I’m feeling guilty about my murderous intent, even though I only murder in my writing.


·      3 Practical Reasons Not to Worry About Trying to Write a Perfect First Draft

Sometimes striving for perfection can get in the way of productivity when you’re trying to write your first novel.


·      The Discovery Channel Program that Inspired My First Novel that Was SUPPOSED to Be About Mermaids

What does a writer do when she ends up with a runaway plot while writing a book?


·      3 Excellent Ways for KDP Authors to Benefit from Their Author Page

Are you taking advantage of all this popular self-publishing platform has to offer?


·      How to Make a Twitter “Moment” and Use it to Promote Your Medium Stories

Creating a Twitter Moment can be a good way to get more social media exposure for the stories you write on Medium.


·      Learn Step-by-Step How to Set Up Automatic Daily Tweets

Promote your stories, books, services, and products on Twitter everyday with automatic tweets.


·      25 California RV Travel Destinations and Fun Places to Take the Family

Get ready to hop in the RV and hit the road this summer.



Some articles are posted on Charm Baker affiliate sites


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·       Season Four of Queen Sugar and the Courage it Takes to Write

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·       Ask An Author Website Feature

·       Confronting the Number One Challenge to New and Existing Self-published Authors

·       Showcase Your Instagram Posts with an Attractive Landing Page

·       Instagram or Pinterest: Which Platform is Best for Undiscovered Authors?

·       Nipsey Hussle: His Community Will Not Forget

·       Author Branding When it’s Time to Re-invent Yourself






The historical novel: “Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge,” and also the shocking coming-of-age suspense novel:  Skipping Childhood.”  These titles are currently available on Amazon, in both print version, and digital ebook format.

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