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Are you a frustrated author, looking to gain more exposure for your titles?

Maybe you’re an avid reader, hoping to discover a new book and favorite writer.

Either way, you should stop and take a few minutes to learn about my new:




Come listen to book discussions centered around new and undiscovered Amazon authors and book titles.  Charm Baker is the HOST of Video Book Talk and also a self-published Amazon author.  Charm hopes to help bring exposure and visibility to some of the next great authors and books of the current century.  Video Book Talk (VBT) was launched on Youtube June 1, 2019, and hopes to become a useful book promotion resource.  The need for this type of platform is evident, due to the current and growing number of talented self-published authors who continue to go unnoticed,


While one of the goals is to help authors obtain book reviews, VBT won’t tell viewers what not to read.  Instead, the aim of the video book series is to provide details and interesting facts about the books and authors being discussed.  Readers will get the kind of insight that prompts them to give the book a try and maybe even discover a favorite new author.  In this way, VBT is a win win for anyone who views the discussions.  So whether you’re an Author or Reader, you’re welcome!



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Video Book Talk is for:

Undiscovered AUTHORS



·       Learn some useful self-publishing tips from the channel’s general book-related discussions


·       All book titles discussed in the VBT numbered video series will gain some much needed book exposure


·       Help build your readership/ fan base by sharing inspiration and insight about the creation of your book(s)


·       Increase your chances for more sales and book reviews, by announcing your promotions and bargain book days.


·       Interact and connect with readers and other authors when you take time to post comments and feedback about the channel


TO SUBMIT YOUR BOOK:  Please provide the book title and author name, along with the Amazon book link. 


Also provide a paragraph or two containing:


1)      What was your reason, motivation, or inspiration for writing the book?


2)      What one thing you’d like to share with readers about your connection to the book or subject?

Inquisitive READERS


  • Be the first to hear about new upcoming book releases


  • Enjoy the benefit of pre-ordering as early as possible


  • Learn about current and upcoming Beta Reader opportunities from new and existing authors


  • Get firsthand insight about authors and specific book titles so you hear what inspired the writing of the book.


  • Take advantage of Advance Copy alerts for providing honest reviews.


  • Discover endless book deals, bargains and promotions (You must join the Email List to enjoy all the benefits mentioned for Readers.)


WHEN YOU JOIN THE LIST:  Submit your name, the genres you like, and a few words about the kind of Reader you are. 


Also indicate whether or not:


1)      You would like to be alerted to special promotions and gift book opportunities.


2)      You would like to be added to the list of future Beta Readers, and Advance Copy Requests.


Authors and Readers can learn more about the series by viewing:





The historical novel: “Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge,” and also the shocking coming-of-age suspense novel:  Skipping Childhood.”  These titles are currently available on Amazon, in both print version, and digital ebook format.

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