Charm Baker is author of the historical novel: “Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge” and the shocking suspense novel:  Skipping Childhood”.

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SOLVE EVERDAY PROBLEMS:  Are you looking for motivational and self-help guidebooks that offer simple and positive solutions?  Writer and author Charm Baker has released several helpful books.  Do you have questions about life goals?  What about friendship and relationship issues?  These 3 self-help guides provide real answers that contain useful tips and advice.


Read and see what valuable information these titles

offer when you’re going through a breakup, worried about a

toxic friend or need an answer to one of life’s problems.


Ø Several Simple Solutions (Solving Everyday Problems)   [Available in an audio version for your convenience].

Ø How to Call it Quits and Move On  (The Smart Self-help Relationship Breakup Guide) [Available in an audio version for your convenience].

Ø When to Give Up on a Toxic Friendship: A Self-help Guide





·       2019 Plans to Live Offline

Author’s future plans to unplug in 2019



·       NANO Month Training:  Writer Support Available

Get help, in preparation for the upcoming National Novel Writing Month

·       “Are You Sleeping On New Black Indie Artists In 2018?”

A brief look at the emergence of black indie AUTHORS & MUSIC artists

·       REPUBLICANS:  Think About Your Daughters NOT Your Politics

A discussion of the current Christine Ford / Brett Kavanaugh sexual allegations



Other Charm Baker titles include the

November 2018 ebook:

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