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Charm Baker is a divorcee and the parent of one adult son (who also happens to be the really cool graphic artist for her current novels).  Residing in sunny California, Baker likes to spend time outdoors enjoying nature.  What better inspiration for a longtime freelance writer, blogger, and self-published author.  She's done ghostwriting for numerous online clients and covered a multitude of article topics and categories in the process.  Among these topics are discussions about personal growth and self-empowerment.  Besides the CharmBaker.com website and Personal Growth blog, Baker also host the Skipping Childhood blog, named after her 2016 novel about an abused foster child, turned serial killer. 


Baker’s articles and self-help books tend to center on inspirational, motivational self-help material dealing with various forms of emotional healing.  Her guidebook about how to move on after a breakup offers readers numerous words of wisdom, just like the practical book on dealing with toxic friends.

Baker's love of writing started early in life and she credits her desire to "get serious about writing" to author Ralph Keyes, and his book: The Courage to Write. 

Charm Baker's eventual transition from non-fiction to fiction writing has resulted in a short story release called One Bad Deed, in addition to her Skipping Childhood novel, and the latest novel: Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge (Published December 2017).



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