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From formatting, to publication and marketing;

I can provide consultation on the entire self-publishing process. 

This is not a consultation on how to write a book. 

My 10-hour Consultation Package is for writers that currently have

completed or soon-to-be completed manuscripts.


Let me help you take your creative writing aspirations to the next level.  I’m an undiscovered author who is still striving for visibility, BUT, if there is one thing I know really well, it’s how to maneuver my way around the Amazon self-publishing platform.  If you visit my Amazon Author page, you’ll see that I have already created multiple Amazon (KDP) books, in both digital and print format.


My one-on-one 10-hour Consultation Package is priced at a flat rate of $129. I can help you complete your manuscript, self-publish your book, and promote your newly released title within the next 30 days!  We stick to a prearranged agenda, but go at a steady and determined pace.  I actually WALK YOU THROUGH each step while you complete it.  During the consultations and later on when I follow-up, we use whichever method of communication you prefer (Phone/Skype/Email/Text – any or all).


This detailed 10-hour Consultation Package [$129] covers:


Manuscript Completion & Pre-sales

[Involving hands-on-assistance with content, structure, formatting, and online promoting and pre-sales]


Book Cover & Amazon Placement

[Consists of hands-on-assistance with creating or securing a book cover, and information about meta data for Amazon book placement and positioning]


Uploading Content & Using Amazon Self-publishing Tools

[Receive hands-on-assistance with submitting your manuscript and book cover files, plus demonstrations and tips about using Amazon self-publishing related tools]


Book Marketing and Promotional Tips & Resources

[Get hands-on-assistance with online marketing and Amazon book marketing resources.  Provides additional self-publishing tips and creative ways to promote your book on social media]


Re-cap and brief author interview

[Discuss any key points that need to be revisited, and exchange cross-marketing links and details}





Whatever questions you have about self-publishing; I want to help.





The historical novel: “Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge,” and also the shocking coming-of-age suspense novel:  Skipping Childhood.”  These titles are currently available on Amazon, in both print version, and digital ebook format.

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