These 2 novels were both the result of National Novel Writing Month







Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge



April Mae March is a young African American writer who takes a weekend trip to Las Vegas. She’s collecting more research for the novel she’s writing about a sixty-two-year-old mystery. It's all about the 1955 Moulin Rouge Casino and Hotel and why it closed so abruptly; under suspicious circumstances.


April is dying to understand how Nevada’s first racially integrated casino could have had such a short lifespan. Armed with the facts that she has collected so far, she has her own thoughts about what may have happened. But every single piece of the puzzle just seems to lead to more and more questions.




PRICE:  $2.99 (Kindle)




Skipping Childhood



This is the tear-jerking story about a young girl who is abandoned by her drug-addicted mother, and sent to live with foster parents. When Deandra Baxter has to fend off the sexual advances of her perverted foster father, she does it the only way she knows how; by killing him. But this isn’t the first time that the adolescent has taken a man’s life. He wasn’t the first and he wouldn’t be the last. This is the suspenseful coming of age story of a female adolescent serial killer.


When it comes to children who kill, Deandra is not your everyday adolescent murderer. Mr. Ben, Deandra’s first victim, was practically an accident. She was only twelve-years-old at the time. But even still, the man’s sudden death had been a quick solution to the problem she was having.




PRICE:  $2.99 (Kindle)







One Bad Deed



Have you ever heard a story where someone was having a bad day? In this story, everybody’s having one, in fact, it’s an endless night of crime. When one bad deed leads to another, the result is robbery, assault, and murder. If ever there was such a thing as bad karma, this ironic story of retribution is the perfect example.

After one couple’s plans for a romantic evening is shot to hell, a chance encounter at a bar starts a chain reaction of events. Each scene connects like dots in a twisted game of dominoes. But eventually they all fall down. In a final reveal at the very end, you’ll discover what spun things out of control to begin with.




PRICE:  $.99 (Kindle)


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