2019 Plans to Live Life Offline


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This November, Iíll be busy novel writing, just like many other new and existing authors who take the NANO plunge every year.If you havenít seen my recent NANO article post on my other website, be sure to read:

SAFE Writing Journal for the 2018 National Novel Writing Month Challenge

Unlike the last two consecutive years, I donít plan to aggressively promote my most recent NANO creation.My initial plan for my upcoming mermaid novel was to locate an agent and or traditional publisher to represent it.My ultimate desire is to create a series of mermaid books, starting with the current work-in-progress:Mermaids On Tyler Payneís Island.But during the course of the past month, I actually had another idea about how to handle the whole mermaid saga.Iíll discuss this in more detail by the end of November, or surely by the beginning of December.

Regardless of my newest future plans for the upcoming book, I already know one thing for sure.I have no intentions of spending the next entire year working desperately to promote work that I know is good, but just canít seem to get any traction.Itís entirely too time consuming and Iíve had my fill of cyberspace.Iíve decided that Iím ready to live life offline.

Finding Like-minded Authors

While my ultimate desire is to find some local like-minded authors to socialize and network with, Iíll settle for finding some creative minds in general.They donít have to be writers, or authors, as long as they can relate to the life of being a creative artist. With me living in sunny California and the City of the Angels, how hard can it be?

What Does Life Offline Look Like

When I think of what living life offline looks like, I think about a lot of things.I think about the freedom of not worrying about keeping up with a blog or checking emails.I think about not watching how your book sales and page stats are progressing (or not).I think about not freaking out over the lack of reviews (good, bad, or otherwise).Until I set my mind to learn how to live offline, these are the things that occupy that space right now.But not when I start living offline.

Priorities Change

Whether Iím starting, finishing, or in the middle of a big writing project, all the activities mentioned above still manage to demand my time and energy.Up until now, Iíve been content to comply, but as the years go on, our priorities begin to change.Iím an older adult (much older than when I first started writing and working online).That being the case, I canít afford to continue allowing so many computer and internet activities suck up the majority of my life.As of January 1, 2019, my intentions are to stop interacting online, and focus on getting back out into the real world.

What that will ultimately mean for me as an author, I have no idea. I do know that I plan to live more and have a more active social life.That means Iíll only be making a few more blog posts this year, to give the status of my NANO book.After that, I guess Iíll be seeing you in the real world.




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