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Short story, Short fiction, and Personal Essay


       Relationship Advice: The Best I Ever Had Always Came From a Song

       A Kindred Spirit Entered My Life but I Just Couldnít Hold On to Him

       Top 5 Annoying Things My Younger Sister Did When We Were Kids

       4 Different Types of Relationships But Romantic Love Sucks the Most!

       Has Time Been Getting Away from You and Cutting in on Family Relationships?

       My Brother Craig: Bittersweet Memories from a Hard Knocks Life Growing Up

      3 Motivating Reasons Why I Love to Write and Share My Stories

      What Practical Advice Can You Take to Help Keep Your Temper in Check?

      How Do You Know If You Have a Foot Fetish Or if Itís Just a Passing Thing?

      How Can Serious Nail Biters Develop More Beautiful Nails?

      Recognizing the Triggers that Make You Bite Your Nails

      5 Best Practices for Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

       Why are Life Lessons, Short Fiction and Miscellaneous Personal Essays the Focus in 2021?

      Maya Angelou: The Heart of a Phenomenal Black Woman

      Michelle Obama: A Phenomenal Black Woman Calling for Social Change

      3 Charitable Organizations that I Proudly Donate to Monthly

      Cyber Security: How Concerned are You About the Safety of Your Data?

      Cyber Security: What Will the Fastly Cloud Service Debacle Mean for the Future?

      Writers: Do You Know What Google is Saying About You and Your Stories?

      Why Do Good Writers Forget To Take Their Own Advice

      Health Conscious Writers Know When to Take a Break!

      How Do You Know When You Love Writing More than Anything?

      Tough Life Story Writers: We Are Not Glorifying Our Pasts

      How Do Smart Writers Keep Readers Engaged in their Stories?

      Inspiring Other Writers Can Help Motivate and Inspire Yourself

      How Are YOU Motivated by Fellow Writers on this Site?

      Self Promotion: Take Time to Stop and Give Yourself Applause!

      Writers: Are You Promoting Your Story Links in the Correct Way?

      Once My Creative Juices Start to Flow I Just Canít Turn Off the Faucet

      3 Types of Medium Writer: Which One Are You?

      3 Simple Ways to Link to Your Stories and Promote Your Titles

      3 Groups Can Benefit When Writers Share Each Otherís Stories

      6 Ways I Ask Google to Help My Relationship Stories Get Views

      Swimming in the Fire (A Poem)

      Harder to Forget (Short Fiction)

      Stalked, Kidnapped, and Castaway! (Short Fiction)

      Oops Donít Step on the Cracks! (Short Fiction)

      5 of My Favorite Songs That Sing About Inanimate Objects

      Covid-19 News Story that Has Me Concerned about More than the Virus

      Marvel Announces New Spider Man Movie for Big Spidey Fans in 2021

      Shell Shocked! 780 Collisions and Still Counting!

       Stock Market Newbie: Why I Jumped On the AMC Gravy Train

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