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1.     Why did Quora suggest "ghettos" as a secondary category when I asked a question about Los Angeles and Kobe Bryant murals?


2.       Which cities besides Los Angeles have Kobe Bryant murals?


3.       Which Los Angeles location has the best looking Kobe Bryant mural?


4.       What is the benefit of submitting queries to traditional publishers, who don't allow simultaneous submissions?


5.       How effective is Smashwords for helping new authors be successful?


6.       What other direct publishing companies online are available to new authors?


7.       Does Barnes and Nobel sell more printed books than Amazon?


8.       Why did Barnes and Noble stop selling books in brick and mortar buildings?


9.       Which online distributor of digital devices is Amazon's number one competitor?


10.   What was the top selling digital device on Amazon in 2020?


11.   How can you teach young adults about the value of upward mobility when they start a job?


12.   Is it wrong to stay friends with people you know are mean-spirited?


13.   Should you get rid of friends who don't support your future goals?


14.   How can you get your family and friends to show more support for your creative ambitions?


15.   Should you try to maintain a relationship with a family member when you have a broken relationship with their adult kids?


16.   How can you repair a broken family relationship when you still believe you were in the right?


17.   How can I be a mentor to a young person in my life if I don't consider myself to be a role model?


18.   How can I convince a 19-year-old family member to stop wasting her life and focus on something positive?


19.   How does the majority of people in the world feel about partially automated vehicles on the roads?


20.   Why are the less unique flavors of Kit Kat bars in Japan not sold in the U.S.?


21.   Which of the unusual flavor Kit Kat bars in Japan is the most popular?


22.   How many different flavors of Kit Kat bars are sold in Japan?


23.   Do people still use travel agents? If so, what are their duties?


24.   Is it better to explore your vacation destination with a tour group or on your own?


25.   Why are some hotel room deposits so much higher than others?


26.   Do hotel staff prefer cash tips or gratuities paid with a credit card?


27.   Is it better to get an all-inclusive vacation package or purchase everything separately?


28.   Which type of hotel guest uses room service more, business people or vacationers?


29.   Do more women or more men hotel guests normally use maid service?



30.   What percentage of hotel guests normally use maid service during their stay?


31.   Why do fancy hotels leave chocolate on the guest’s pillow?


32.   Why do some vacation resorts leave the guests baskets of fruit?


33.   Which is more popular around the holidays, ordering flowers or ordering fruit?


34.   Which food products are best to order online and send as gifts?


35.   Which online nut company has the best quality nuts?


36.   Is cashew oil used for topical reasons or just digesting?


37.   Why are cashews so oily?


38.   Are cashews more expensive because they cost a lot to harvest?


39.   Which voice activated software should I buy if my voice is raspy and hard to understand?


40.   Which digital devices are the most user-friendly for senior citizens?



41.   What are some phone apps that can help older adults in their everyday life?


42.   Where can an older adult go online to learn about using apps?


43.   What kind of automated tasks can I do with an app and a smartphone?


44.   What are the practical advantages of using a service like IFTTT?


45.   Where can I get online help on how to sync all my digital devices?



46.   What are the top online companies that teach digital photography?


47.   What legitimate work-at-home opportunities are good for beginners?


48.   How do most Medium writers use Quora?



49.Which Quora advertisers have the most expensive products and services?


50.   How likely is it that Governor Greg Abbot will change his view on wearing masks, now that he's tested positive for COVID?



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