Music is now and always has been, one of my crucial sources of inspiration!


All my writing is music inspired, and nowadays, that means tuning into Youtube and selecting exactly what I want to hear at the time.  I absolutely love Youtube!  Being a baby boomer, I’ve enjoyed a wealth of diversity over the years when it comes to music.  I love just about every kind of music you can mention, though some types a little less than others.  Follow me on my Youtube music channel and you’ll see how diverse my music tastes can get!  You’ll  also find some interesting and resourceful videos for writers, readers, and the entire internet community.

Music Inspired Me

All 3 of my works of fiction (2 novels and one short read) were thought out, written, formatted and published, thanks to musical inspiration (before, during, and after writing).


I really enjoy sharing the music I love to listen to on Youtube, like the following songs

One Bad Deed – musical inspiration during my writing journey:

SONG: “Another Day in Paradise”  –  ARTIST:  Phil Collins

Although I’ve been a big fan of Phil Collins music for a while, I found myself listening to this particular song a lot, while I spent time writing certain portions of this Amazon short read.  I needed some gritty imagery for my story since the setting is in and near a crime and drug-infested, downtown area.  Ironically, the woman referred to in the above song was homeless and impoverished, but she still could have been located in a “decent” area.

Skipping Childhood – musical inspiration during my writing journey:

SONG: “Closer”  –  ARTIST:  Goaple

This is truly an inspirational song, in addition to the sweet melodic sound of the young lady’s lovely voice.  Listening to the music and lyrics always make me feel like I’m actually getting “closer to my dreams…”

This book is a dark drama and centers around troubling topics like child abuse and murder, and much of the gritty tale is based on true life experiences.  That is why the above song provided a needed “lift” when I played it everyday for more than a month, before and after each writing session.  The book (full-length novel) took 45 days to write and it will always be one of my most memorable writing endeavors.

Experimenting With Murder – musical inspiration during my writing journey:

SONG: “Sailing”  –  ARTIST:  Christopher Cross

This mellow instrumental is a tune I can listen to even while I’m writing, which is not always easy for me to do.  Usually, I listen to mood music before I start writing, and when I’m done, I celebrate my day’s (or night) productivity by listening to more music.  But this song is so chillin’, I don’t even find it distracting when I’m writing.  Unlike other songs, I don’t get the urge to stop and sing along, to stop and dance, or to simply stop and think and reflect about the song.  I just listen, enjoy it, and keep on writing!