Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge



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April Mae March had always been intrigued by the mysterious happenings surrounding the 1955 Las Vegas Moulin Rouge.  Ever since she became a writer, she wanted nothing better than to learn the truth about Nevada’s first racially integrated casino.  It gave her joy to picture entertainers like Sammy Davis Jr., Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald, sitting in an audience and enjoying the all-black chorus line and other shows.  The reason for the rise and fall of the popular Las Vegas night spot had always been a sixty-two-year-old mystery.  None of the details related to the historical events could explain the million-dollar question.  Why did the successful and thriving casino go out of business the same year it opened?  Mob bosses, corrupt politicians, sleazy business owners; all the opposition had something to gain when the casino conveniently closed.  April suspects that one or more of the conspiracy theories about the casino is true.  With little regard for any possible element of danger, she plans to write a novel about the story.

When April takes a trip to Las Vegas for more research, unexplainable events seem to suddenly occur.  While nothing is exactly as it appears, April’s fears continue to grow.   After going through some archives in the library, she goes outside for a break, only to catch two strange men staring at her.  Could searching for the truth about such a controversial story be putting her in danger?  She convinces herself that she’s being ridiculous, but later, the same men end up chasing April.  When she flees and finds a safe place to hide, that’s when things really start to get interesting…


Suddenly, fear gripped April around the throat and put her in a chokehold.  She couldn’t breathe.  She couldn’t move.  All she could do was think, and even that was hard to do.  Who was that man?  Why was he chasing her?  What the hell had she gotten herself into?


Thanks to the small bump on the back of April’s head, the events of the past weekend were a hazy blur.  Her desire to learn the truth about a sixty-two-year-old mystery had prompted a trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.  She went to research details for the novel she was writing.  But was it the truth that she found when she got there, or just new revelations that made her question old answers.  When the weekend was over and all was said and done, April still wasn’t really sure…   CONTINUE CHAPTER