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April Mae March wanted nothing better than to learn the truth about a sixty-two-year-old Las Vegas mystery.  She planned on writing a novel about it.  The suspicious closing of the Moulin Rouge casino had intrigued her for a long time.  Every piece of the puzzle that April discovered had a fascinating element of danger.  Mob bosses, corrupt politicians, sleazy business owners; Nevada’s first racially integrated casino in 1955 had a lot of roadblocks to deal with.  And all the opposition had something to gain when the casino conveniently closed.

When April takes a trip to Las Vegas for more research on the book, unexplainable events seem to suddenly occur.  While nothing is as it appears to be, April’s fears continue to grow.  It doesn’t help matters any when she catches a strange man staring at her, after going through some archives in the library.  Could searching for the truth about such a controversial story actually be putting her in danger?  Just when she convinces herself that she’s being ridiculous, the man who kept staring begins to follow her.  April flees out of panic and finds a safe place to hide; and that’s when things really start to get interesting…

In a combination Wizard of Oz / Back to the Future type scenario, April is taken back in time and goes on a journey to the iconic Moulin Rouge.  To her sheer delight, she gets a chance to experience all the exciting sights and sounds that she’s read about for so many years, but not before some close calls that almost land her in hot water.  Will she discover the truth on her unconventional journey, or return with even more questions that aren’t answered?


Suddenly, fear gripped April around the throat and put her in a chokehold.  She couldn’t breathe.  She couldn’t move.  All she could do was think, and even that was hard to do.  Who was that man?  Why was he chasing her?  What the hell had she gotten herself into?


Thanks to the small bump on the back of April’s head, the events of the past weekend were a hazy blur.  Her desire to learn the truth about a sixty-two-year-old mystery had prompted a trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.  She went to research details for the novel she was writing.  But was it the truth that she found when she got there, or just new revelations that made her question old answers.  When the weekend was over and all was said and done, April still wasn’t really sure.

It all started Monday night when April Mae March took an overstuffed manila folder from her bottom desk drawer.  She laid it on the desk and sat in her bedroom staring at the folder for the millionth time.  That was when it happened.  She told herself it was finally time to take action.  To convince herself even further, she said the words aloud, as if doing so would make them come true.

“This is it!  It’s 2017 and dammit, I’m going to finally write this book!”

She yelled the words loudly and with conviction.  Even though it was already February, April still had that feeling she always got at the start of each new year; the one that made her feel like:

Anything is possible and you can do it if you try.

She stood up and did a little dance; suddenly excited about the ideal of writing her first book.  She’d been dying to write about the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge from the moment she first heard about it.  The 1955 casino had a mysterious and controversial history about the way it went out of business.  April’s plan was to base her book on actual events surrounding the casino’s closing.

For years April had known about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the opening and closing of the Moulin Rouge, all in the same year.  A friend’s father had shared the entire story one summer when she was visiting Vegas for the weekend.  That was back in 2011, after she had just gotten her journalism degree.

April and her college friend named Adam had driven to his parent’s home in Nevada to celebrate their graduation.  Late that night, April, Adam, and Adam’s parents all sat around on the patio talking and drinking wine.  Adam’s father, Mr. Sherman, began to entertain them with stories about old time Vegas.  Born and bred in Nevada, Mr. Sherman claimed to know any and everything worth telling about Las Vegas.  When he talked about his favorite topics, the mob and political corruption, that’s when he mentioned the Moulin Rouge.  He told them an unbelievable story that unfolded before their eyes like something out of a movie. Afterwards, he volunteered his personal opinions.  CONTINUE CHAPTER

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