Do You Know the History of the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge Casino?


If you answered no, you’re not alone.  Very few people (relatively speaking) have heard about this iconic 1955 casino. 


Even fewer people know about all the controversy that surrounded the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge back then.


To this day (2018), controversy exists over the former casino location at 900 W. Bonanza Road in Las Vegas


This book was written as a work of fiction, but it contains a compilation of the most known and documented facts about the events.


Following the December 2017 publication of the digital book version, Charm Baker released “Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge” in paperback format.  Both formats (and more) are available on Amazon.

As a marketing and promotional companion to “Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge”, baker recently created a blogsite, strictly devoted to sharing information, facts, photos, videos, news, and everything related to the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge. 

One significant feature on the site that readers will particularly enjoy is the attention Baker devotes to the many black entertainers of the 1950s.  Take a few minutes to check out the site and learn what you can about the History of the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge Casino.







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