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This Amazon Kindle short read is the last title that author Charm Baker released, however she has a new one coming out in December 2017.  Watch for “Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge

In the meantime, check out the above title.  It could use the help and support of readers, in the way of book reviews, posts, shares and mentions on Twitter and other social media.  If interested in a complimentary copy, notice the details at the bottom, following this book blurb.


One Bad Deed …Leads to Another

A Shocking Suspense Thriller

Have you ever heard a story where someone was having a bad day?  In this story, everybody’s having one, in fact, it’s an endless night of crime.  When one bad deed leads to another, the result is robbery, assault, and murder.  If ever there was such a thing as bad karma, this ironic story of retribution is the perfect example.

The whole thing starts when Jennifer’s plans for a romantic evening with Brian are all shot to hell.  She has to go to work, so, Brian goes out to a bar, and ends up meeting Sophia.  Sophia’s a hot looking prostitute that seduces him into leaving the bar, and getting a hotel room.  But Brian soon finds out that looks can be deceiving.  Sophia definitely has plans for him, but no intentions of selling her body.  The series of events that occur from that point forward, connect like dots in a twisted game of dominoes.  Eventually they all fall down.  In a final reveal at the very end, you’ll discover what spun things out of control to begin with.

This shocking suspense thriller has a number of interesting twists.  It is an enjoyable short read that quickly climaxes to a surprising conclusion.


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