“Are You Sleeping On New Black Indie Artists In 2018?”


A brief look at the emergence of black indie AUTHORS and MUSIC artists

Have you been sleeping on new black indie authors and music artists in 2018?  Black indie artist are abundant online these days.  If you haven’t already done so, it’s about time you stopped to check out some outstanding talent.

Who Are the Black Indie Artists?

Who are the black indie artists is a question that could take all day to answer.  They (we) are the authors who succeed at working hard to self-publish, promote, and market our books, on Amazon and anywhere else we can push “buy now” link.  Black indie artists are also the hard-working creators of fresh and unique music that is oftentimes viewed as creative genius.  Some of today’s most innovative work comes from new black indie artists from all over the globe.  But whether the talent is writing music, lyrics, poetry, or books; there is one common denominator that black indie artists share.  We’re constantly on the grind.


Where Are the Black Indie Artists?

As was previously mentioned, black indie artists can be found all over the globe.  As an audience, our initial notice and access to these creative individuals is typically online.  From books, to websites and videos, people love to share when they find something good online. 


Black Indie Authors

For black indie authors, there are various platforms that cater exclusively to new and talented writers.  One internet article reported on 2 black women who are crushing it with their indie books.  They were referring to the New York Times and USA Today best-selling fantasy writers by the name of Terah Edun and Lola StVil.  This is what Atlanta Blackstar wrote in their article about the two women, when addressing the question of finding black indie authors.


“Where do you find these authors when your shelves are dry? Goodreads! Amazon Bestsellers Lists! But word of mouth can also be gold.”




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Black Indie Music Artists

There are websites and various platforms that provide support to black indie music artists, in a similar way as those who support black indie authors.  One prime example is the online Black Ltd Radio station.  This innovative site offers a diverse platform to new up and coming artists.  They provide a number of ways for artists to showcase their work.  The owners of the station enable indie artists to take a hands-on approach in the promotion and exposure of their music.  New DJ’s and show hosts are also able to take advantage of joining the station’s lineup while it is still growing.  As the platform continues to develop, new black artists are presented with more and more opportunities at Black Ltd Radio. 


How to Support Black Indie Artists

Would you like to join those who actively support black indie authors and music artists?  It’s not hard to do.  Simply take a break from the “norm” when you feel like listening to some good music and you want a little diversity.  One of the many cool segments available on Black Ltd Radio includes “Miss Millie Magic’s” Smooth R&B (6am – 9am) Sunday through Friday.  Of course, new artists from every genre can be discovered by tuning in to one of the many other shows that are hosted at the station.

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