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Are you a someone who has always dreamed of writing a book?Have you made up your mind to finally give it a try during the 2018 National Novel Writing Month (NANO)?You may have seen the ďNaNoWriMoĒ acronym floating around on social media.This coming November, thousands of people just like you will be doing the same thing.I know, because Iíve already started getting ready for the challenge myself.My website was created to help launch my upcoming NANO entry, a book about mermaids.†† If you are truly serious about taking this step, there is all kinds of NANO writer support available to participants.All you have to do is look around, find it and accept it.

Various Writer Support Available

The various kinds of writer support available are as diverse as the writers themselves.Some future NANO participants are already writers, and some are even already published authors (mostly self-published).But many of the expected 2018 NANO participants will be people who have never written professionally, or who only write on limited occasions.Whatever the case, this competition is open to everyone because the only person youíll be competing with is yourself.This is a personal writing challenge that gives people an opportunity to prove to themselves what they are really made of.

The different kinds of support basically fall into three different categories.Self-help and isolation, group help and participation, or some kind of combination of both.For instance, an example of the first type would be doing things like finding yourself a motivational mantra such as:

ďIf you really want to do something, youíll find a way.If you donít youíll find an excuse.Ē

Just think of how much wisdom and power is in that statement.When you allow it to sink in and apply it to the things you want in life, you realize just how true it is, and it compels you to do better.This kind of self-motivational writer support is available everywhere.

Of course, if youíre a person who doesnít like to go it alone, one good example of the second type of help is the writer support available on the official NANO website.They offer participants all kinds of helpful resources to successfully complete the challenge, including providing a way to check in and monitor your progress.They even enable you to earn ďbadgesĒ as a reward for reaching your specified word count from day-to-day.This can be really helpful for some people, and can be exactly what they need to spur them on to success.

But the third way mentioned can work for individuals like myself.I donít necessary like going it completely alone, nor do I want to commit to a group plan that is probably helpful but may be a bit too structured for me.One thing Iíve discovered is that Iím disciplined in my writing, but in my own kind of way.Every writer has to discover what works for them.The following information may help you learn to do just that.

Discipline Training Writer Support Available

I was able to successfully complete two NANO challenges in a row (2016, 2017), all thanks to a 6-step process that I continuously used both years.†† Now, I put together a little guidebook, containing this successful novel writing system that works so well.My 6-Step NANO Book Completion guide can help other writers end up with a finished novel at the end of the process just like I did.


The two books you see in the image were both NANO projects that I was able to finish writing and self-publish by the first day in December.My new writing resource tool is available right now on Amazon.You can purchase this digital book as a Kindle format and read it on your device, or on your computer (cloud).Purchase it by itself for just $2.99


Iím also offering a special packaged deal that includes this guide.The exclusive offer consists of more than just my new novel writing resource.†† You get a 25-page .pdf guide that explains the 6-step writing process in detail.But wait! (I couldnít resist that :-) You donít just get the guidebook.Your Fiverr order entitles you to UNLIMITED author consultations during the month of November, while youíre writing your book.That means you get to pick my brain (via email requests) about any part of the NANO novel writing process.



This combination GUIDE/CONSULTATION package is priced at only $5.Place your order now, in time for the 2018 NANO challenge.Iíll be participating and using the same process myself.Order and check it out.I guarantee youíll be glad you did.In fact, THIS FIVERR GIG COMES WITH A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.




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