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Season Four of Queen Sugar and the Courage It Takes to Write




If you’re anything like me, you’ve been going crazy over what’s happening in In this season Ava Duvernay’s “Queen Sugar” television series (on the Oprah Winfrey Network).  I’ve loved the show from the moment I watched the first episode.  Unlike many viewers, I have to confess that I haven’t read the book (written by Natalie Baszile), but I have no doubt that it must be an incredible read.


For me personally, I find Queen Sugar to be a great show on so many levels.  First of all, it is a serious drama about an African American family that owns hundreds of acres of land in Louisiana.  Love it already.  Without stepping on anyone’s toes, I get tired of so many black comedies, compared to the amount of good dramas available to watch.  That’s why Queen Sugar is a refreshing change.  It deals with the intricacies of black family life, in a non-demeaning way.  Then of course, there is the fact that every episode of the show features female directors,  Another plus.


The overall story that drives the four siblings in the show (Charley, Ralph Angel, and Nova) is interesting enough on its own.  But there are also plenty of juicy and exciting backstories for them and all the other colorful cast of characters.  Up until the most current season, my favorite character has been Nova Bordelon, an out-spoken Afrocentric black woman who is also a writer.  But this season, Nova authors a book; about herself and the secret lives of her family.  As a result of the blowback from family, I began to re-examine how I feel about the character and her situation. 


Courage Vs. Presumption


The current situation that Nova finds herself in this season is just a serious reminder to me as a writer, that we need courage to write what we are passionate about.  The only problem is, just how thin is the line between courage and presumption?  Do we as writers and authors have the right to turn the lives of other people upside down with our writing?  It’s truly one of those things that makes you go “Hmmmm?”  You want to know what I think?


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Do you agree or disagree with what Nova did?


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