Republicans:  Think About Your Daughters NOT Your Politics

As a #Metoo survivor, not to mention a conscientious writer, there was no way that I could allow the topic of this post to go unaddressed.  I was compelled to speak out about the current sexual assault scandal against a pending Supreme Court judge and his accuser.  Needless to say, I stand in solidarity with Professor Christine Blasey Ford and I most certainly believe the accusations she has made against Brett Kavanaugh

Politics At Play

People already suspect that the whole push (and rush) to appoint this questionable figure as Supreme Court Judge is so he can do Trump's bidding.  Before the Christine Blasey Ford story came to light, it was clear that politics was at play when crucial files about Kavanaugh were withheld from the deciding committee.  His alleged attempted rape of a 15-year-old girl when he was in high school is in addition to his existing controversial background.  So while the Republican and Democratic politicians play politics with the lives of the American people, the rest of America sits idly by.  Stop hiding behind your politics people, as an excuse for accepting what is clearly wrong.  Find some kind of way to speak up and speak out.

What About Your Daughters


I wrote a brief tweet today, and included the above image.  I did it so hopefully people will stop being sucked in by all the POLITICAL angles to what is going on in this country, and use common sense.  Clearly, the proceedings to confirm him should be delayed at all costs if there is ANY chance whatsoever that Kavanaugh is guilty of what he is accused.  Just think about it: if the story is true (and I believe it is), the last place in the world he needs to be sitting is IN JUDGEMENT of someone else, like another suspected rapist.  It's time people to stop thinking about their politics and start thinking about their daughters.



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